Structural Insulated Panels

Having designed & built SIPs homes since 2011, we can confidently claim to be leaders in this field of construction

Structural Insulated Panels

Having designed & built SIPs homes since 2011, we can confidently claim to be leaders in this field of construction

Do you want an extremely energy efficient home that’s also strong yet flexible?

What are Structural Insulated Panels?

Structural Insulated panels (SIPs) are high performing thermally efficient composite panels. They are effectively a sandwich comprising two layers of approved structural board with an insulating layer of foam in between. They can be used for walls, roofs and floors in residential and commercial buildings.

The (SIP) panel replaces the three separate elements in traditional frame construction, namely, framework, plywood bracing and insulation batts.

Structural Insulated Panels are slowly becoming more well known in New Zealand due to the success they have seen so far and the growing evidence, both here and overseas, of their benefits for insulation, strength and rapid installation. 

The exceptional strength and bracing properties are often overshadowed by the insulation benefits but the strength, and the ductility, of this product is significant in addressing a number of issues, including their suitability for earthquake zones. 

What Do Structural Insulated Panels Provide You?

  • Superior insulation performance
  • Superior air tightness
  • High structural strength.
  • Withstands high wind loads and seismic forces.
  • Freedom of design, including curves and spanning large distances due to reduced need for additional bracing.
  • Reduced build time due to earlier weathertight shell and factory manufacture.
  • Reduced risk of weather delays where pre-assembly can be undertaken indoors, and panels craned directly to site for install same day.
  • Freedom of cladding options.
  • A sustainable product.

Did you know? 90% of the tree is used in the OSB board (a lot less wastage than traditional frames) and the EPS polystyrene used is fully recyclable unlike other polystyrenes.

Our SIPs Preassembly & Install Process

Part 1 – Delivery & Assembly.

*All panels are now made in New Zealand.

Part 2 – Transport to Site & Walls Installed.

*All panels are now made in New Zealand.

Part 3 – Roof Panels Installed.

*All panels are now made in New Zealand.

Why Choose Chatterton Homes for Your SIPs Build?

Chatterton Homes is trained and experienced in the use of structural insulated panels.  Having successfully completed a large number of SIPs builds since 2011 we can claim to be leaders in this field of construction.

With this extensive experience, and staff fully trained in its assembly and install, we understand what is required in both design and construction, and you get the best advice and expertise out there. 

Our indoor panel assembly plant is also a hit with homeowners and builders alike who utilise our plant and skilled team to reduce weather delays and enable a more efficient build process.  It also means your panels don’t spend excessive amounts of time exposed to the elements. We take the panels to site where they are erected with the assistance of a crane, without delay, allowing us to progress the build to a weatherproof shell a lot sooner.

We use designers experienced in SIPs and their technical requirements.  We work with those designers and the homeowners from the start to offer input on the practical aspects of the design, use of SIPs and advise on any cost implications.

Our long-standing relationship with Formance, our main SIPs supplier, and engineers experienced in this type of construction has enabled us to develop systems and processes to ensure a smooth supply, delivery, and installation process for our clients.  A detailed understanding of shop drawings (technical SIPs plans), potential inconsistencies and solutions to plan errors are essential skills our team possess.  This avoids delays, errors, and headaches during the build.  Customers continue to benefit from a great product and a solid team of both builder and supplier.

Is Building with SIPs Expensive?

Whilst the material is slightly more expensive than traditional frame construction, cost savings occur with a shorter build time, reduced risk of delays, and long-term savings on energy.  An experienced SIPs builder will also save you money in terms of efficiencies and expertise.  An experienced design build team can also suggest how the unique properties of SIPs can be used more economically to meet your requirements.

If you are interested in finding out more, request a copy of our ‘Homeowners Guide to Building with Structural Insulated Panels‘, or feel free to contact us to discuss your energy saving options.

Check out our two 30-second time lapse videos for a Christchurch home

Rapid Install of SIPs Panels – Just one benefit of using SIPs!

Check out this 3-minute time lapse video of our experienced staff installing all the SIPs wall panels for a Christchurch School over 3 days.

Preassembly Install Service