Hanmer Springs

SIPs Energy Efficient Home

Our homeowners had researched a lot of building options but kept coming back to the need for high insulation, air tightness and an MHRV.
This house is a second dwelling for our homeowners who also live through the extreme temperatures Hanmer can experience. This construction method, using passive house principles, will enable a more constant temperature throughout the year and manage humidity. Already they are reporting frosty days but indoor temperatures of 20.7oC with no heating.
It is a simple shape which makes it much more thermally efficient and has less need to manage thermal highways, it is also comparably cost effective. The design makes the most of the use of SIPs with its high raking ceilings.

'Loving living in our warm dry house and in such a perfect location. The outdoor shower is still in full use and all the better on those frosty evenings with clear and starry skies! Thanks for everything.' - clients

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