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At our mid builds, visitors see the SIPs panels installed, the roof on, the high performance windows in place, and heat recovery ventilation is showcased…..all before the features are hidden by gib.

However, what happened before the mid build?

How did the house get to the mid build stage?


Let’s use the upcoming mid build at Leeston as a story board. The pictures are not fancy but its current and informative.

Insulated slab, plus slab edge insulation.

Whilst the floor is in progress the panels are brought to our pre-assembly yard for …you guessed it….pre-assembly. It takes about 3 weeks.

SIPs wall panels are installed in Leeston in less than a day.

A methodical process allows a seamless install. We also use the same teams of hiab operators who also know what they are doing.

The team fixing off the panels and other tasks required.

Internal framing completed.

In this home, a SIPs flat ceiling is hiabed on in just a few hours creating the thermal and air tight building envelope. Trusses are then overlaid for the roof.

An ‘intelligent’ weather resistant barrier (membrane) protects the walls and roof as soon as practically possible to reduce risk of moisture. We use a non-porous vapour permeable membrane, key to reducing the risk of condensation and mould.
High performance uPVC windows are then installed and recessed into the insulation layer to reduce thermal bridging.

Ducting for the ventilation is installed in the ceiling cavity as per the ventilation plan. The ducting gathers where the central unit will be placed.
Pre-wire for electrical and pre-plumb are underway this week in the wall and ceiling cavities.
All subbies work to strict guidelines for passive house construction and retaining a high level of air tightness.

Finally, a blower door test will be completed just prior to the mid build. This will reveal how air tight the home is and any issues with leakages that need to be addressed.


Mid Build Details

We look forward to hosting homeowners wanting to find out more about designing and building a healthier more energy efficient home.

Experts will be on hand at our next mid build event to answer your questions, and you can see and feel the difference this construction method makes.

Friday 10th November 4-7pm in Leeston. Register here.