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Saving more than your wallet

Reimagine Buildings have made this great short video – How Buildings are Key To Fighting Climate Change.

The benefits of reducing energy demands range from large savings to our own pockets to the global need to tackle climate change. Building can be a key contributor in the transition to less energy usage and carbon emission management.


Building a home to passive house principles has something in it for homeowners themselves, in terms of significant cost savings and a healthy living environment, whilst also providing a means to be sustainable and support the bigger global picture.


What this video does so well is that it brings the four steps back to building, showing how our buildings and the choices we make can all contribute to managing factors that seem way out of our control.

One example, a house built to passive house principles requires less heating and cooling.  Where a heat pump is installed, it only has to be a small unit and used only in peaks of very cold or hot weather.  This means less energy is needed but also less refrigerants are needed.

Its not hard to see why passive house standards are increasingly adopted as building code in many countries and states, directly benefiting those living in those homes and working towards a sustainable future.

Find out more about the principles of a passive house.