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What impact do building materials have on our health?


Whilst our high performance building methods provide superior healthy energy efficient homes, we are going to delve deeper into the impact of the actual building materials on our health.

Our design & construction methods already provide a much healthier home than those built to the minimum building code. A continual supply of fresh filtered air warmed by the stale air being expelled is just one differentiating factor.

However, for anyone wanting to further embrace indoor health we are learning more about the health impact of certain materials to assist those who are interested for their decision making process.

Our knowledge will be there for those who want to find out more, perhaps those with allergies or health issues who are more susceptible to allergens or chemicals present in everyday materials.

We have extended our ability to educate our clients on building truly healthy homes by further educating ourselves.

Claire, who has completed a Masters in Environmental Analysis (in a previous life) had the perfect background to undertake further study and apply it to what we do.

Run by Building Biologist Zara D’Cotta and her company, The Healthy Home, our aim is to pass on relevant information we learn to any clients wanting to discover more.

One thing, however, that has really resonated is that by building a home to passive house principles, issues arising with humidity, moisture management, and allergens, that could be exacerbated by material choices in a standard build, are either removed or mitigated.  This helps protect both health and home.

If you are keen to discuss your building project with us, please get in touch.